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  The Texas Lu sea food limited company is the Texas only domesticated fowl class food exportation enterprise. Authorizes by the department concerned to be established October, 1994, total investment 2,000,000 Yuan, leading product “freezing young pigeon.

  “Freezing young pigeon” raw material comes from the folk which Lu northwest everyone frees-rang, this area raises the pigeon history to be glorious, the pigeon source is extremely rich, the year saves raises the quantity in several ten million, and, the recent years variety renewal, by the past thin and small pigeon body, renewed for the physically healthy meat tender pigeon body, because is not artificial raising, actually natural organic foods. Since our company has been after the Shandong Province import-export goods examination quarantine bureau health registration production processing factory, year production processing young pigeon ability amounts to more than 200 tons, the company turns oneself in into the production, 90% products sell to places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore. Regardless of is the goods supply in Shanghai, Tianjin Food Import-export company, the self-management exportation, the batch of product examination are qualified, never has the quality problem .2002 year had the honor to receive Shandong Province quick-freeze food, the meat birds and beasts product “ten big brands”.

  “The Lao Tang roasted chicken” is the patent product, its unique elegant flavor has obtained expended teacher to trust generally, simultaneously produced “the Beijing style roast duck”, “roasts the young pigeon prosperously”, “the pear city roasts the beef”, “Lu Hai roasts the donkey meat” and so on the series products (already National Bureau of industry and commerce registration “the Lu sea” trademark) also to obtain consumer"s junction to declare approves, our company series produced has become local the special product and eats, and did for visiting, travels on official business and presents relatives and friends" present to pass on to each place.

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